A paradigm shift in battery manufacturing and recycling

What we developed

We've spent nearly a decade formulating and perfecting a groundbreaking water-based production system. Our elite team of researchers overcame several technical challenges and developed:

  • Nano-based additives, additive sequencing, and a binder formulation to electrode conductivity.

  • Binding composite formulations to prevent agglomeration and adhesion problems.

  • Battery material additives to prevent cathode materials from reacting with water, battery degradation, and lithium loss.

All this unlocked an electrode that does not react to water, a game breaking innovation that unlocks all the water-based benefits we've alluded to. The best part is- this innovation isn't a novel lab breakthrough- it's at commercial scale and already to be deployed with a plethora of battery users.

Welcome to WATMAR³

WATer-based MAnufacturing Recycle, Reuse, Regenerate. It's a mouthful but its our beloved technology formulation backed up by more than 54 sets of patents in the fields of battery materials, production and recycling with a pipeline of 500+ patents pending for coverage in international markets.


Our technology is adaptable, supporting next-generation cell technologies including solid-state batteries, lithium metal anode, and non-lithium-based batteries.

Built for tomorrow

Our R&D team is tirelessly advancing cathode and anode materials, aiming to amplify the energy density (Wh/kg) and power density (W/kg) of battery cells. With WATMAR³, manufacturers are guaranteed evolving battery performance.